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The deviantART Sandbox
We can’t believe it either – SXSW, the Austin and Tucson devMEETs all kick off next week! :omfg: It’s been incredibly fun imagining all the amazing things we have planned and we can’t wait to see it come to life and to share it with you!  We’ve told you about the admins that will be present and a little bit of what we’ll be doing during this week of events, but there are still a lot of secret surprises on the way.

In fact, we have so many surprises in store that we just can’t keep them all to ourselves any longer.  We’re letting you in on one of our epic secrets, and yes, it’s sensational. :excited:

We’ve recently been in contact with Felicia Day, a star in both Hollywood and on the Internet through her popular web series, The Guild.  The girl next door and gamer rolled into one, Felicia has been in TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse as well as making appearances at conventions across the country, like SXSW.  She loves video games, reading science fiction and, as you’ll soon learn, deviantART!  We’ve scored an interview with Felicia Day that you can read below!

:star: In addition to being a headline speaker at SXSW Interactive, she will be doing a live chat with members of deviantART Saturday, March 12th from 2-2:30pm CST in the #Auditorium!  We invite everyone to come, ask questions and hang out with us and Felicia.  If you need to know when this is in your time zone, check out this fixed time and date clock.

Have a question you want to ask? Put it in the comments below! If your question is chosen as a qualifying question you will be contacted by us via note, and then during the event be placed in a queue of other qualifying deviants. During the event you will then be called upon to ask your chosen question. Note that the number of deviants chosen will entirely depend on the quality of questions and the time available during the chat.

To quench your Felicia Day-thirst before the big chat, here's a mini Q&A to get her thoughts on SXSW, deviantART, and her stance on World of Warcraft.

:bulletyellow: We see you've got a keynote spot at SXSW. Are you nervous? What are you going to talk about?
I think we'll discuss where web series started, and maybe where they're going.  Hopefully I can start some dialogue about creativity, and the wonderful time we're living in, where any artist can reach an audience through the web.  I'm not really nervous, and now I've said that I'll mess up, haha.

(Note: We highly doubt that. Rawk it Felicia!)

:bulletyellow: Have you been to SXSW before? What are you looking forward to?
I actually volunteered at SXSW when I was in college at UT!  I'm looking forward to seeing friends I only keep contact with on Twitter at the biggest tech meetup in the country, and eating queso.  In that order, kinda.

:bulletyellow: We hear you're a big fan of deviantART.  What's one thing you really love about dA?
I love the fact that it's a place for people to experience and share the world's creativity in an uncensored way.   Community and creation combined, it's a perfect combo!

:bulletyellow: What is your favorite crayon color?
Melon. With a little Lemon Yellow thrown in.

:bulletyellow: What video game are you playing now?
Torchlight.  And my friend Greg's game, Bastion, which is out this summer.

:bulletyellow: What is the last book you read?
I just read all of Grant Morrison's "All-Star Superman", and I'm finishing "A Wise Man's Fear."  The author Patrick Rothfuss sent me a preview copy!

:bulletyellow: What super power do you wish you had and why?
Invisibility, because I love to eavesdrop.

:bulletyellow: Horde or Alliance?
Alliance and I'm PROUD OF IT!

:clap: We send our thanks and appreciation to Felicia Day for her time!  To hear even MOAR from Felicia, remember to check out her featured chat Saturday, March 12th at 2pm CST in the #Auditorium! And if you have a question that you want to ask and can attend our featured chat, post it in the comments below! :eager:

SXSW, Meeting Room 7

March 11-15, 2011

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